mashed potatos

Family Fall Extravaganza

I remember the first Holiday Season after we were married (2009) telling My Love I wanted to make some Family Traditions. His answer was, “We can start that when we have kids.” Ha! So I have been patiently scheming in my head for a couple years of Family Traditions! To my surprise, two weeks ago My Love announced to me, “We should do a Family Fall Extravaganza.” 😀 In sheer joy I yelled, “YES!”

Fall is probably my favorite season: the change in weather, trees, school activities, sports, pumpkin everything, etc. But in Africa the trees don’t change colors, I’m not in school activities, Futball is the sport here, and they don’t even have orange pumpkins!! The weather does change—thank goodness—so we can escape the heat. And they do have pumpkins, they are just green on the outside.

So we compiled our list and this is what we did last weekend!

First Family Fall Extravaganza


We can’t find applesauce here so it has to be homemade and luckily 2 kilos of apples are only $4.  My Love found a great recipe here. We didn’t have enough juice left over this time for apple cider, oh well.

Cut out colored leaves

Fall leaf cut outs

My Love cut out leaves from colored paper.  Bub picked out what kind of leaf he wanted.  To our disappointment they weren’t too interested in coloring on them, but oh well, they’re always next year!  We hung them up on our door.


S'more supplies     Roasting Marshmallows

S’mores are My Love’s FAVORITE!!  This is what we found.  The marshmallows were not marshmallows, but it worked. You had to burn it to make is swell! HA!

Bub with s'mores               Honey-Bear with s'mores

Bub didn’t like that his hands were sticky, but Honey-Bear didn’t seem to mind!

Cinnamon Rolls

My mom used to bake a ton when we were little and I always loved her Cinnamon Rolls.  I couldn’t find her recipe but I found this one and let me tell you…they are AMAZING! The original recipe is from The Pioneer Woman. And the icing is killer!

Cinnamon Rolls--makes 48

This recipe makes 48 rolls, so I made half and froze the other half for a later date.

Bub helping with the icing.

Bub wanted to help! So he poured the icing over the rolls!

Yummy Dinners

Over the weekend, we made two fall meals (did you notice most of the things on our list are food?!).

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Saturday Night we made some Bacon Wrapped Chicken (a recipe from my sister-in-law) and mashed potatoes.  It was SO yummy!! Bacon is real treat here so we made the most of it.

And on Sunday night, we had a traditional Pumpkin Soup.  It was my first time to make Pumpkin Soup, and it was pretty good.  A spoon full of plain yogurt on top added some good favor.

Fall Movies

Curious George--A Halloween Boo Fest

We found “Curious George: a Halloween Boo Fest” in Amazon and in Netflix for the kids to watch.  Bub is a fan of Curious George.  I’ll have to look into some more fall movies for kids next year.  Any ideas?

When I thought of fall movies I could only think of football!  So…

Amazon--Remember the Titans

“Remember the Titans” was a must and we found it in Amazon too.  And with some investigating I found…

Amazon--You've Got Mail

“You’ve Got Mail” in Amazon. Which was great! They have beautiful fall and festive scenes that help ‘make the moment.’ What great movies, and CLEAN!

Lots of dishes
There were so many dishes, but it was worth it!

It was a fun weekend for our family to stop, enjoy intentional time with each other, and the wonderful gifts fall brings! Making Family Traditions is really fun!! What does your family do?