Little Brother: Born July 07, 2016

Wednesday, July 6th was Honey-Bear’s 2nd birthday. I had my 38 week check up and the midwife stripped my membranes.  She told me, “If it works you’ll have the baby within 24 hours.” And I thought, Oh no! It’s Honey Bear’s birthday!

First high-heels!
First high-heels!

We had a “Dora” party at Nonna and Papa’s house.  During the day, while cooking, I  felt things moving around.  And as the party started at 6pm, I sat on the couch with my legs crossed because I knew my body was getting ready and had to wait 6 hours before he could be born on a different day.

We left Bub and Honey-Bear at my in-laws’ for the night and went home because I was quite sure baby was coming tonight.  I slept about two hours and at midnight I woke up and couldn’t sleep.  I felt labor coming.  I had three contractions 10 mins apart, so I woke up My Love and told him, “It’s time.”

Thursday, July 07, 2016 we checked in to the hospital around 1:30am. The nurse didn’t think I was in labor–coming in with lite contractions only 10 mins apart. But she admitted me and quickly got things ready after talking to the midwife! 🙂 (Honey-Bear was born at home because she came within an hour of my contractions starting! Surprise!)

Around 5:15am, I was in hard labor.  And after a couple pushes, Little Brother was born at 5:58am.  I was so thankful to have him naturally, no epidural! He came out crying; I held him right away and My Love cut the cord.  He measured 6lbs 6.6oz and was 19.5 inches long.

Little Brother #1
He’s here!

I held him after measurements and he latched right on–trying to eat!  When My Love was holding him, the nurse thought his grunting noises didn’t sound right. When we transferred rooms, they took him into the nursery and I didn’t see him for another 2 or 3 hours.  The doctor wanted to run some tests to see what was causing the strange breathing.

Bub and Honey-Bear came with family and saw him through the nursery windows.  They were so excited!  Bub kept saying, “He popped out!”

Bub was looking for Little Brother.
Bub looking for Little Brother.

Around 9:30am, a doctor came in and told us she wanted to take him to the NICU for x-rays and other testing because his breathing was getting worse.  She said, “We’ll bring him by to see you before he goes back.” And immediately they wheeled him into the room plugged into all these cords. They picked him up for me to kiss and left!!

I bursted into tears–it was a dramatic entrance and too quick of an exit.  A friend was there and she came over and prayed with me! We were thankful that we made it to the hospital and that we weren’t still in Africa.  Later we were told by the doctor that Little Brother was admitted into the NICU and would be there for a minimum of four days.  I cried some more.

At 1:30pm we got to see him in the NICU.  It was a bit scary to see him with so many cords attached.  But once they explained what the cords were for, I was so thankful for them!

First visit in the NICU
Daddy with Little Brother.

He had Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). He did not have enough surfactant, which keeps the small air sacs in the lungs from collapsing.  So he was over working himself to keep breathing!  The doctors put an oxygen tube in him to give him a break and gave him medicine to produce more surfactant in his lungs. By 4 or 5pm they took the tube out and put him back on nasal oxygen.

Family and friends were able to come see him in the NICU that afternoon and evening.  I went in to see him at 9pm and got to hold him! The nurse was so sweet and let me hold him for an hour!!  And his breathing was the most consistent it had been all day. <3 My heard was filled with love and mommy pride!

All Friday, we were just watching and waiting for Little Brother to improve.  The kids came by to visit and Bub was so upset he wasn’t allowed to see/hold his brother  yet.  He cried and cried, sweet boy!

Daddy holding him for the first time!
Daddy holding him for the first time in the NICU.

Saturday, I got to nurse him for the first time! Before, they had fed him through a feeding tube.  In the afternoon, they took out his nasal oxygen.  They also turned off the heating lamp above him to see if he could maintain his body heat. I was discharged Saturday, so the next two nights I stayed at a friend’s house close to the hospital so I could drive in and feed Little Brother every three hours. Bub and Honey-Bear got to ‘meet’ him for the first time, through the NICU window.

Our first family-of-5 picture!
Our first family-of-5 picture!

Sunday morning, he failed at maintaining his body temperature so he went back under the heat lamp.  He also became jaundice, so he spent the next 24 hours under a UV light.  And we were only allowed to hold him twice that day.

Monday, his jaundice levels were down.  His feeding tube was taken out and his IV was ready to come out! After the doctor’s rounds, he said they would keep him for observations just to make sure he’s healthy, then he could go home Tuesday around 1pm.

Little Brother
A little smile!

Monday night, I got to ‘room in’ in the NICU with Little Brother.  It’s basically a mock night at home.  He was totally unplugged and in my room.  And the doctors are there just in case I or he needed anything–so great! He did fabulous and cried just to be held! I think he was surprised to find mom was there to get him when he cried!

Our first night TOGETHER!
Our first night TOGETHER!

Tuesday morning, the nurses had a couple tests to run. An hour long carseat test was done because he had respiratory issues.  He passed all of them.  Around 1:15pm, the doctor came in for one more evaluation and said, “Sign your release papers and you are free to go home!!”  So we did!  My Love had brought the kids to pick us up so they could meet him for the first time!  It was such a SWEET moment when they got to see and touch him!

Bud holding him for the first time!
Bud holding him back at home!
Honey-Bear holding him!
Honey-Bear holding him!
Kids made a "Welcome Home" cake with an aunt!
Kids made a “Welcome Home” cake with an aunt!




We are so thankful for all the prayers offered up on Little Brother’s behalf and for our family!! God is good!  As I finish this blog post, he is already a month old and healthy as can be.  At his 2 week check up, he was 7lbs 1oz! We joke that he might have medically enhances lungs because…man, that boy can CRY! 🙂  We love his SO much! Can you tell–all these pictures?! haha

1 Month Old
1 Month Old