Enjoying Today

We have started the process of going back to Africa next year, 2018.  And I’m excited about it! My heart has shifted to long to be back in that ‘home,’ in that culture, and with those people.  Even our Littles seem to be shifting: Bub keeps trying to speak that language, and asking, “When are we going back?” Honey-Bear is back to playing ‘airplane,’ flying from Africa (the foyer) to American (the couch) and even to Chine (the kitchen).

But today I am grateful for here and now.

I am grateful for my Littles and the sweet, fun, even challenging stages they are at.

Honey-Bear, 2.5
Bub, 4, and Little Brother, 7 months.

I am grateful for the big back yard where my kids can run around, ‘fly’ on the swings, and shovel dirt–even it if turns our back bath into a mud pit.

I am grateful for our believing community; hearing the story of a new friend, going to the park with a sister and grandpa, and having a play date with an old friend.

Yes, the double swing was Grandpa’s idea haha

I am grateful for the friends who come to play with my kids when My Love is gone, so I can have time to myself, and then they crash for nap and I have more time! 🙂

Playing “Daniel in the Lion’s Den”

I am grateful for our Small Group that meets every week to love each other, share life, enter my home, eat my food, and pray together!

I am grateful for a husband who sent me flowers this morning:

Yes…it was a text message! ;P

My heart is preparing to go back to Africa and re-make that my home.  But for today I am enjoying what my Father has given me, and I am calling myself blessed!!