African food

3 Meals a Day in our Homestay

When we moved to Lang City and in to our homestay, everything was accommodated for. We had a place to sleep, bathroom, laundry, and three meals a day. Those three meals a day were cooked by our Host-Mom, Rachel, and were always national dishes. We were immersed into culture!

3 Meals a Day in an African Home Stay


→We got to dive into the culture with bread in our hands. 🙂 They say the way to a persons’ heart is food. That might be true of our African culture!! Their food is delicious.

→The first month of homestay My Love and I lost two pant sizes. HA! No the food wasn’t bad, in fact most of the time it was amazing. Our bodies were going through their own ‘culture shock.’ Drinking water was different. The food, seasonings, large amounts of vegetable oil were all different. Walking at least 30 minutes a day to class was different.

→Our sweet Host-Mom seemed to spend all day in the kitchen. Though we had to work out the kinks of not cooking my own food for three months, it was nice to have lots of extra time to study, be out in culture, to take care of the family, and to rest!

→The cost of the meals was included in our monthly rent so it was much cheaper, too.


→When we didn’t like something, we would try our best to eat a little out of respect for the family. Plus it’s always good to try something new, you never know if you’ll like it. (Except sheep brain—I knew I would not like that!!) If we were still hungry, we’d grab a sandwich later.

→The hardest part was that we didn’t choose the times the meals were ready. In our African culture breakfast is around 8:30am, lunch is around 1:30pm, tea is around 4pm, and dinner is around 8pm. Have you ever tried to stretch a one-year-old to eat at 8pm? Not worth it. Since 8pm was the kids’ bedtime, we would make PB&J sandwiches in our room around 6/6:30pm.

We were thankful for our Host Family and their hard work.  Like I said above, though there were kinks to work out, I was grateful for the extra time to spend elsewhere.