Family Fall Extravaganza: 2016

We celebrated our 2nd Family Fall Extravaganza the last weekend in October 2016.  We are in the states this year, so we made the most of the “fall-ish” things to do!

If you haven’t read Family Fall Extravaganza from last year, our family started a fall tradition to spend a weekend doing “fall-ish” things.  (1) Because that’s my favorite season and it means a lot to me. (2) We have a family we can start traditions with. (3) I LOVE FALL!!!!

We had a short weekend because My Love was gone Friday and we had meetings Sunday, but we made the most of it!!

Without further ado, here was our itinerary for the weekend.

Second Family Fall Extravaganza

Collecting Colored Leaves

Last year, we cut out leaves because the leave don’t change colors in Africa.  But this year we only had to go to our back yard and collect many colored leaves.  Friday evening, My love was still out of town so we had the kids’ Nonna come over and help us start our celebrations.

Pumpkin Coloring Pages
Colored some pumpkins with Nonna.

Thank-FALL Gifts

One of the blessings we’ve enjoyed greatly being state-side is family and friends.  I wanted to make a point to show them our thankfulness before we got into the busy holiday season, where gifts often feel obligatory. So we decided to make Hot Chocolate Mixes and Cinnamon Rolls to give to our families and close friends.

Thank-FALL Labels

I made up some tags and printed and cut them out to put on the jars and pans.  (Click and print the labels here!) Only later did I find out I didn’t have any cute string to attach the labels…so I used tape 🙂 So fancy..HA!

Hot Chocolate Mix

My mom has a great Hot Chocolate Mix recipe she’s used for years.  So I got that from her and made a double batch of it.


5 1/3 c. Dry powdered milk

2/3 c. powdered sugar

3/4 c. coffee creamer

1 lb. (4 1/2 c.) cocoa mix (I used Nestle)

1/4 tsp. salt

**Add 2 heaping spoonfuls to 8oz hot water & enjoy!

Isn't she so cute?!
Isn’t she so cute?!

I had Honey-Bear and Bub help me out.

Making Hot Choc

They each did a full recipe. I wrote the instructions of the back of the tags that I had printed.

Cinnamon Rolls

We HAD to do these again!! I made The Pioneer Women’s Cinnamon Rolls.  They are SO amazing! We made two 9×13 pans for our family then filled nine small foil pans to give out.

The Cinnamon Rolls
Whom ever said, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” was totally talking about these rolls!

I started the dough on Friday night then cooked them all Saturday morning.

Making icing with Honey-Bear
Making the icing with Honey-Bear.

I think they will FOREVER be a part of our Fall Traditions! SO good and SO worth the time.

Corn Maze/Farm Fun

My Love really wanted to go to a corn maze this year because we are in the states.  So we did some looking around and found one near us that had that and more.

Corn Maze

They had a whole farm of hayrides, pumpkin patch, tire swings, slides, farm animals, a big bouncy inflatable, and more!!  So we hit the road Saturday morning and spent the whole day out there.  It was a BLAST!

Family selfie
Family Selfie
Family selfie take 2
Take two

We almost needed more time to play, but when it hit 3pm the kids were so tired and slept all the drive home. 🙂 yay!

Yummy Dinner

A meat I crave often is Little Smokies and they can’t be found in Africa…yet! So I decided to make that the main course of our Yummy Dinner.  I added mashed sweet potatoes, which are a favorite of Honey-Bear’s.  Then we had peas and potato salad already in the kitchen so it worked out. I added some classy, candle light which the kids enjoyed and finished their plates just to blow them out. Ha–what ever works!

Yummy Dinner

I didn’t realize till I filled my plate that this Yummy Dinner was also Fall colored themed! We had the  green, yellow, red/brown and orange all in one meal–perfect!

Fall Movies

I didn’t do any looking around this year for movies, so we did the same from last year.

Curious George--A Halloween Boo Fest

“Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest” was on Netflix this year.

Amazon--You've Got Mail

And, “You’ve Got Mail”.  We rented it from Itunes to play on our AppleTV.  But My Love said we could buy it if it going to be a yearly tradition! Yay!


This isn’t a part of our Traditions, but since our Extravaganza weekend and Halloween were the same time I thought I’d add in our Family Halloween Picture.  Really, I just wanted to show it off!! 🙂

My kids LOVE Zootopia and Bub was SO excited to be Nick!  Honey-Bear liked the idea but once in costume, would not wear the ears. And look at our Little Brother!! So cute!!!!

Zootopia Halloween
We were the cast of Zootopia–Chief Bogo, Assistant Mayer Bellwether, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, and Baby Toot-toot.


It was a great weekend of fun and tradition making!  We enjoyed being able to do more “fall-ish” things this year! We are grateful for our family and friends and the blessings we have!

I wonder what we’ll find next year?!

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