3 Days Instead Of 1

Returning Home

March 15, 2016 we arrived in Spain to spend a day in transition. Traveling now days is so immediate that it is hard for the human heart and mind to transition fully between Goodbye and Hello. So we took a day to spend in the “in-between.”

Leaving our apartment.

That was a good decision.   I cried a lot that day.  But the next day, we were refreshed and ready for a full day of travels.

The morning of the 16th, we got to the airport a bit early to fly out at 9am. When we checked it, we were told we didn’t have tickets! :O  We had reservations in their system but it looked like we had never purchased the actual tickets.

[Pre-Story: We were advised when we left the States in 2014 to buy round-trip tickets, then simply change the dates when we got closer to the time.  So we did that.

Little did we know that during the 18 months in Africa, the Airline’s policy on that issue changed and no longer allowed us to do that.]

So My Love borrows a guys phone and is on the phone for 4 HOURS trying to get our ticket situation fixed so we can leave.

**I’d like to add Baby Einstein only lasts so long with a 3 yr old and 1.5 yr old…for 4 hours! But they did so well considering…

Around 1pm they fixed it to where they would fly us to the States, then we would have to get new tickets from customs to our home town.

We boarded that afternoon, taking our first flight where we had to get a shuttle and stay overnight. The kids were so tired, as were we but we got into the hotel, ate dinner and slept.

March 17th, when we were supposed to be hugging family, we were boarding our International flight to the States. The kids did AMAZING on our 8 hour flight. Even 1.5 yr old Honey-Bear did phenomenal! I had made a time chart in 10 minute increments of activities to keep them busy.

Bub played games on the Seat TV screen almost the hole time and took at 2 hour nap.  Honey-Bear did great switching back and forth reading books, walking the isle, watching Baby Einstein, eating snacks, talking to the friendly man behind us, and actually taking a 2 hour nap! God is good!

When we landed in….it was SO BUSY! We waited in customs lines for an hour and a half!! Crazy.  It was also spring break, so that added a lot more traffic.

Never again will we willing travel on Spring Break!

After we cleared through customs, everyone had missed flights.  We stood in line at the Help Desk for another half hour resulting in us taking a 4:30am flight the next morning IF there ended up being spots for us. It was 10:30pm, we were hauling our 5 checks, 3 carry-ons, stroller and two kids.  We were spent!

All the bags we came home with.

We found our hotel and called family to tell them we are delayed, again. My Love went in search for dinner and found good American greasy food…which was regretful the next day but that was our only choice.

Early in the morning on March 18th we load up, waited in line for another half hour but finally got tickets!

That was great.  We loaded up, called family to tell them we were definitely coming and waiting for our flight.  On the flight we all fell asleep.

And then…we landed!!

As we got off our flight, we received a message that my mother-in-law and father-in-law were waiting for us.  There was a build up of anticipation in my heart of not knowing what emotions would come out. The kids were a bit droggy from their short nap.

As we came down the elevator and the doors opened, we saw them.  And it was a sweet moment of big hugs and happy tears. They brought some candies which helped the kids connect with them (food is the way to connect to Honey-Bear’s heart).

We were tired, but so full of joy to be with family.  That evening we arrived at my in-laws’ house and were greeted by both our families and all our siblings (minus my three out of state sisters). <3 WOW! Talk about full hearts!!

Honey-Bear crashed!

We retired to our house around 7pm to crash into bed because of our exhausting three days of travel instead of one.

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