Thursdays :-)

I love Thursdays!

Every other Thursday our house helper comes. She arrives around 9am and stays till 2 or 3pm. Those days are so fun with her! It is so nice to have company, like family. We chat, work together, cook together, and she plays with my kids. Growing up in a 6-kid family, I HATE being alone and love having someone in the house. On Thursdays, I get that ‘fix’ with her!

Each time, she cooks a national dish. Sometimes she has an idea; other times I have an idea. I make a grocery list and head to the market, leaving my kiddos with her for a nice 10-15 minute break. Coming back to the house, I like to help her prepare the meal. Looking over her shoulder–always learning.

She is so gracious to talk to me, patient to listen to my broken language, and natural to speed talk when she gets going. At the beginning the speed talk was hard, but the more I’m around her, the better my ears are at getting catching it all. So she’s become a teacher and ear-trainer for me. Now I understand 85% of her speed talk (with 10% lost in vocab I still haven’t learned).

She is someone I can share my heart with, because she’s walking a similar Narrow Road. She is always encouraging to me, and that challenges my heart–and vocab–to be the same back to her, speaking Truth and building words into her life.

And Thursdays are always nice to have a CLEAN house! She leaves no ‘stone unrolled’ so to speak. She’s amazing at what she does and it blesses our family, of two toddlers, SO MUCH!!

And her food is always good! My Love is often very happy on Thursdays too because he comes home to a cooked local meal and a clean house!! The only down side is that My Love can now expect these meals from me because I’ve learned them! hahaha I would be honored to attain her cooking skill set.

Thursdays are the best!! Food, company, conversation, laughter, clean house and happy hearts! God bless our house helper for the blessings she brings to our house and hearts!

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