Laundry: My Therapy

I just found this picture when I was scrolling through old pictures with the kids.  We do that sometimes to remember and try to solidify those times into the kids’ memories.  Anyways, this is me doing laundry at our Homestay. 🙂

Laundry on the roof

Yes,  I am using a plastic bag to take the clothes down.  hahaha! I laugh when I look at this picture because I remember what it was like to live with so less. We didn’t own a laundry basket.  We didn’t own clothes pins.  I had to share the washer, line and clothes pin with our Homestay family.

We got to do a load of laundry about every other week.  If Honey-Bear had a blow out or spit up, I washed those by hand.  If our clothes had anything extra than normal dirt, I had to wash it by hand because our Homestay mom was very picky about her washing machine.

A couple times I took laundry to a friends’ house while we visited and did it there.  That friend wasn’t picky about her washing machine.

Though washing by hand was hard, I came to enjoy it.  It meant time away from the kids.  It meant quiet time.  It meant working hard with my hands, which was a good release on the days I was so frustrated with language and culture.  It also meant that I knew my clothes and stains were cleaned out. Washing by hand became good therapy for me!

Now, we have a wash machine we share with our apartment building and a normal tall, white laundry basket we’re given.  And I still hang clothes on the line and take my time, enjoying the beautiful creations around me!


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