Train to Hogwarts

No, we didn’t actually get to ride the Hogwarts Express, but our first train ride in Africa reminded me of it.  Last year at Thanksgiving, we traveled from Lang City to Work City by train.  It was our first time to travel by train in country.  And it was a six hour ride.

My Love & Bub standing in the isle.
My Love & Bub looking out the aisle window.

I wasn’t sure what it would be like.  We were counseled to buy first-class seats.  I guess that in the second-class there are no assigned seats, so there is no telling if you get a seat or have to stand or sit on the floor.  With two babies and six hours of travel ahead of us,  we didn’t really want to risk it.  So we bought first-class tickets.

And walking onto the train, you have the narrow aisle with nine compartments/cabins, just like Hogwarts Express!!  I was stoked! It was comfortable, neat & clean.

We had a good time, picnic lunch on board, and Honey-Bear took a nap in her KidCo Peapod.  We’ve taken the train several times now all over the country.  It is quiet cheap and the kids do well to have a small area they can play in and run around in.

Trains are a great resource for traveling.  Do some research to see what the train system is like at your destination (or between destinations).  See if the times, schedules and pricing works out for you.

I highly recommend traveling by train next time you travel abroad.  It is a great way to see the country, meet local people, and you can pretend your on Hogwarts Express!!

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