Products I Love: Baby Bed Ed.

I spent a lot of time online shopping around for travel beds for our kids.  There are many to be had out there, but I had a criteria:

  • light weight
  • easy to take with us
  • fit newborn to toddler
  • reasonable price

I knew we would be traveling every three months for visa renewals so our top criteria were: weight and travel easy.  After hours of shopping online and a couple recommendations for other expat moms, I chose the KidCo Peapod.

Our KidCo Peapod

We LOVE our KidCo Peapod.  Bub slept in it a couple months as a toddler.  We moved Honey-Bear into it when she started rolling around.  It’s an easy-clean material that simply wipes off everything: ice cream, leak from a diaper, dirt. It comes with an thicker clip-on pad for extra padding. We have taken it on every trip we’ve been on.  It’s been to five countries and countless train floors.

Our KidCo Peapod at the beach

We have used it many time on the beach for a shady play spot for Honey-Bear.  She’ll sleep in it too.  After we’re finished, we just shake it off and it’s clean.  The mesh keeps the baby cool, but the small space also helps keep baby warm in the cold winter.

I would highly recommend the KidCo Peapod to anyone looking for a travel bed for baby to toddler.  It is sold at (I do earn commission on clicks and sales through Target’s affiliate program.)

There was an old original Graco pack-n-play for us to use when we arrived.  That has been a blessing to have a bed for each kid.  We definitely don’t travel with it, because it’s a hunker.  But this summer when it was boiling outside, it was boiling inside the kids’ room.  We had had Honey-Bear in the Peapod. But after a couple naps of her waking up after 10 minutes, in a pool of sweat, we moved her to the pack-n-play for better ventilation.

Playing in the Pack-N-Play

It says it in it’s name “pack-n-play.”  Having a pack-n-play is fun for the kids. They love to fill it with toys, throw them out and re-fill it.  It is also fun for mom to put the kids in so she can sweep, read or go to the bathroom uninterrupted. I weekly us it to set Honey-Bear in while I run up to the roof to do laundry.

I know there are many travel baby beds but these are the two we have, and we like ’em!! 🙂  Do you have any favorites?

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