Leaving on a Jet Plane

Saying Farewell & Loading the Van

My alarm went off at 6:45am, but I was already awake. I got up and dressed in my pre-selected outfit. We got babies up and took bags to the van. I hardly touched my breakfast when I sat down to nurse our two-month old baby girl, Honey-Bear. Our oldest, Bub, was 21 months and searching the rooms to find where his toys had gone.

When we finished loading our four check-bags and three carry-ons, I jumped in our company car to make the final ‘drop off’ before we left for an 18-month term in Africa.

After the car was dropped off, driving away to our final friend/family send off…it hit me. I looked over to My Love and burst into tears. “This is real…we’re really going.” We drove on submerged in a deep silence of reality.

When we arrived at our send off, it was a strange mixture of happy, sad, excited, and nervous. To see everyone who came to send us off filled us with joy and love. Seeing all the tears filled us with grief, sadness and loss. Strangely, halfway around the ‘goodbye circle’ I ran out of tears. And as we closed the doors of the van and hit the highway towards the airport I felt the page in our lives turn to the next Chapter: Africa.

My life moto.


  1. I also remember that day.. I thot I would collapse under the heaviness of my heart. The difficulty in saying goodbye- there is no way to prepare yourself for that. I didn’t let myself cry about this 18 mo separation until that day bc I didn’t want to scare Bub and have him remember me as sad. I also knew when I started it would be awhile before I would stop. As you pulled away I knew part of my heart and my joy was driving away in that van.. I started my countdown that day. We’re now at 5 1/2 mo and counting!! I might actually make it!!

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