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Hi, I’m Anna!

My Love and I have always dreamed of living overseas.  He’s an adrenaline-junky businessman, and I’m an adaptable adventurer.  We’ve been like that since we started dating in 2006.  We married in 2009.  We had our wonderful son, Bub, in 2012,  our beautiful daughter, Honey-Bear, in 2014, and Little Brother came in July 2016.

My Love works for a Non-For-Profit that sent us to live in Africa for a residency of 18-months.  We left on September 15, 2014.  We lived in Lang City for 6 months to learn language and culture, and then lived in Work City to finish up our time.

We are currently (as of March 2016) stateside.  We are back to see family, have a baby, and work towards going back to live in Africa full-time.

In writing my blog, I want to focus on my family and sharing our journey of living abroad as expats. Out of respect for our host culture,  I will remain vague in my writing and pictures about names of places, people and their culture.

So, I hope you enjoy walking this journey with us!!

Family Picture at the Museum

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